Logica Beans Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

Logica Beans Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

Logica Beans celebrates its fourth anniversary today, August 19th. It is also a sister company of Fvan Soft International.

Logica Beans is a software development company that has been providing customized software to startups for several years with the slogan ‘Startup for Startups’.

Logica Beans is not only helping international and local customers, it is also helping those with Ideas to Products. The company is affiliated with the United States, Singapore, India, Bangladesh and Japan.

This year, the company has entered its fifth year with the objective of providing affordable and quality development services. Due to the current epidemic, Logica Beans has celebrated its anniversary through virtual media.

Kailash Shrestha, Chief Executive Officer of Logica Beans, spoke about the company’s progress, future goals, major work and the work done by the company in the past year amid the Corona epidemic.

The company’s modified website was also softly launched at the event. The website also includes a free demo and a digital mascot of the company used by the CEO for additional service information and communication to customers.

Logica Beans is proud of its employees and looks forward to welcoming their progress and newcomers. The company also honored long-time employees and newcomers to the program.

The director and key members then shared their four years of experience at the event. The team also played some fun games through virtual media.

At the event, staff, stakeholders and partners were awarded prizes for their hard work and support. The CEO and HR Department cut the cake and concluded the program.

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary, the company also organized a ‘Participate and Win’ competition for the viewers of social media.

The competition was open to all and one lucky participant will receive an attractive gift hamper from Logica Beans, said Marketing Manager Niren Shrestha.


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