Lumbini’s policies and programs: These are the plans to create a digital state

Lumbini’s policies and programs: These are the plans to create a digital state

Lumbini State has presented the policy and program for the coming fiscal year. On Tuesday, Lumbini state chief Dharmanath Yadav presented the policy and program for the fiscal year 2078/79 in the state assembly.

In the policy and program, it has been mentioned that the work of the state government will be made transparent and effective in conjunction with information technology to advance the campaign of making the state a digital state.

The policies and programs range from the construction of a state technology park to the establishment of a state science and technology academy.

State Technology Park

In the policy and program, it has been said that the construction work of the state technology park will be taken forward. It has also been mentioned that employment will be increased by attracting domestic and foreign investment in the field of information technology.

Establishment of State Science and Technology Academy

Lumbini has informed that it will establish a state science and technology academy through the policy and program of the coming fiscal year.

“State Science and Technology Academy will be established under the ownership of the state government for the regulation of science and technology, research and development, skill development, skill and skill-based training, and management of multi-technical schools,” the policy and program said.

Training online

It has been stated that information management will be done in an integrated manner by establishing the state’s own geographical information system and digital learning management system will be established and implemented to conduct state level trainings through electronic medium.

Official portal and e-bazaar of the state government

It is said that the official portal of the state government will be launched in the policy and program of the coming fiscal year.

Necessary e-market will be provided to small, medium and local farmers through blockchain and smart contract, ‘the policy and program stated.

Technology in revenue collection

It has been mentioned in the policy and program that revenue collection will be made more transparent and effective through the use of information technology in the formulation and implementation of provincial policy and law related to revenue leakage investigation and control in the state.

Tourist information online

The state has a plan to promote tourism by incorporating tourist information in electronic information. The policy and program also states that holiday tourism program will be conducted to connect the civil servants working in the state with domestic tourism.

Technology friendly police

The policy and program will develop technology-friendly administration. It has also been stated that crime prevention, control and investigation will be made more effective through technological investigation system using scientific equipment in crime investigation.

Steam education in all districts

By conducting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (steam) related projects in all the districts of the state and institutionalizing from basic level to higher education, public education will be transformed into a mechanism to build the necessary human capital for the development of the state.


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