MIUI 14 (Android 13) Update Roadmap, Rollout Timeline

MIUI 14 is the next iteration of Xiaomi’s custom skin based on Android 13. It is expected to include some visual changes as well as more custom features that the company adds with each iteration. Here, we will go over the devices that are expected to receive the Android 13-based MIUI 14 update.

MIUI 14 Update Roadmap

While Xiaomi has not made an official announcement about MIUI 14, we do know that it has been in the works for months. According to Xiaomiui, the company has already begun testing MIUI 14 on two Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-powered devices. These are believed to be the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro, which will be released in November or December. What’s more, the publication has also revealed the list of eligible devices that will receive the MIUI 14 update.

Xiaomi Devices

  • 12 Series: Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, 12X, 12S Ultra, 12S, 12S Pro, 12 Pro Dimensity Edition, 12 Lite, 12T, 12T Pro
  • 11 Series: Xiaomi 11T, 11T Pro, 11 Lite 4G, 11 Lite 5G, 11 Lite 5G NE, 11 LE, 11, 11i, 11i Hypercharge, 11 Ultra, 11 Pro, 11X, 11X Pro
  • Mix Series: Xiaomi Mix 4, Mix Fold, Mix Fold 2
  • Citizen Series: Xiaomi Citizen, Citizen 1S, Citizen 2
  • 10 Series: Mi 10, 10i 5G, 10S, 10 Pro, 10 Lite Zoom, 10 Ultra, 10T, 10T Pro, 10T Lite
  • Pad 5 Series: Xiaomi Pad 5, 5 Pro, 5 Pro 12.4, 5 Pro 5G

Redmi Devices

  • Note 12 Series: Redmi Note 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro+, 12 Discovery Edition
  • Note 11 Series: Redmi Note 11, Note 11 5G, Note 11 SE, Note 11 SE (India), Note 11 4G, Note 11T 5G, Note 11T Pro, Note 11T Pro+, Note 11 Pro 5G, Note 11 Pro+ 5G, Note 11S, Note 11S 5G, Note 11 Pro 4G, Note 11E, Note 11R, Note 11E Pro
  • Note 10 Series: Redmi Note 10, Note 10 Pro, Note 10 Pro Max, Note 10S, Note 10 Lite, Note 10 5G, Note 10T 5G, Note 10T Japan, Note 10 Pro 5G
  • Note 9 Series: Redmi Note 9 4G, Note 9 5G, Note 9T 5G, Note 9 Pro 5G
  • K50 Series: Redmi K50, K50 Pro, K50 Gaming, K50i, K50 Ultra
  • K40 Series: Redmi K40S, K40 Pro, K40 Pro+, K40, K40 Gaming
  • K30 Series: Redmi K30S Ultra, K30 Ultra, K30 4G, K30 Pro
  • Note 8 Series: Note 8 (2021)
  • 11 Series: Redmi 11 Prime, 11 Prime 5G
  • 10 Series: Redmi 10C, 10A, 10 Power, 10 5G, 10 Prime+ 5G, 10 (India), 10 Prime, 10 Prime 2022, 10 2022
  • 10 Series: Redmi 9T, 9 Power
  • Tablet: Redmi Pad

POCO Devices

  • M-Series: POCO M3, M3 Pro, M4 Pro 4G, M4 5G, M4 Pro 5G M5, M5s
  • X-Series: POCO X4 Pro 5G, X3 / NFC, X3 GT, X4 GT
  • F-Series: Poco F4, F3, F3 GT
  • C-Series: LITTLE C40, C40+

Expected features on MIUI 14

Major UI Revamp

MIUI 14 interface redesign

MIUI 14 is expected to feature a major UI/UX overhaul. The new interface will feature a bold font and a card-based user interface. Apps like Gallery, Clock, and App Vault will also get a design refresh. There will also be new customization alongside these visual changes.

New Gallery features

Xiaomi is adding text recognition to the Gallery app, which is also present in the OneUI 5 and iOS 15. MIUI will also remind you of the “On this day” event in the Gallery app, similar to what we’ve seen on Google Photos.

Enhanced Security

For privacy-focused enthusiasts, MIUI 14 will include a new Anti-fraud protection system. It will automatically scan incoming calls and messages for security risks. The feature will also alert you about malicious applications.

New Android 13 Media Player

The new skin will also include a new Android 13 media player.

MIUI 14 Launch Date

As previously stated, MIUI 14 is expected to debut in the Xiaomi 13 series. So we can expect Android 13-based MIUI 14 to begin rolling out in bulk shortly after.

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