Mobile phones became the ‘third eye’ of passersby.

Mobile phones became the ‘third eye’ for passersby.

A man from South Korea has created a ‘third eye’ for walkers using a mobile phone on the way.

A South Korean industrial designer has created a device called ‘Third Eye’ to prevent people from using smartphones while walking on the road.
Peng Min Wook, 28, of South Korea, has created a robotic eyeball and named it ‘Third Eye’. It should be worn by the user on the forehead and can be operated safely on the smartphone without any obstruction due to this device.

This device protects the user from poles or any other obstruction by opening the transparent eyelid as soon as the user realizes that he is using the smartphone by bowing his head.

While using this device, if the user comes close to one or two meters of any obstruction, the device rings and alerts the user. Wook told Reuters showing a demo of the device.

The third eye measures the user’s oblique angle using a gyro sensor. It also uses ultrasonic sensors to measure the distance between an obstacle and the user. Both sensors are connected to a microcontroller and are battery operated.

Talking to Reuters, he said that he got the idea to make this device when he saw many young people using smartphones on the road.

Wook also aims to create a camera module and a sex app for the third eye. Right now, he says he has no plans to commercialize the invention.


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