More than 7,000 requests to update building maps in Kathmandu metropolis

More than 7,000 applicants who have constructed buildings in Kathmandu Metropolitan City without approval of the map have submitted an application for approval of the map.


Out of the applications received, the maps of 1,735 people have been approved. The process of registering maps from the rest of the applicants is going on. KAMPA issued a public notice on 23 August 2079 by giving a period of 90 days to submit the maps of the buildings that met the criteria but were constructed without passing the maps. A request has been made to update the map based on the said information.

According to Suraj Shakya, head of the Urban Management Department, since last July, the Urban Development Department has approved 962 DPCs and issued 1,735 construction completion certificates. During this period, maps of 72 buildings with an area of ​​more than 10,000 square feet have been approved.

Electronic Building Permit System 9EBPS0 with digital signature is an online system used by the metropolis for map approval. This system is linked with revenue and bank. Complaints related to building structure are also included in this system.
After uploading the legal documents related to Janataka Peer Marka in the system, the law department proceeds with the action process through the system. In the system, the citizen has reached whose file in the DEX. They will be able to track how long it has been since it reached the deck.

KAMPA has approved the maps of 278 buildings with an area of ​​more than 10,000 square feet from the financial year 2075-76 to 2078-79.

Wards have been given the right to approve maps up to five thousand square feet from 1st May 2080.

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