Nepali hackathon in Sydney, Nepali looking for future in artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is currently the most discussed and attractive field in the field of technology. A hackathon has been organized in Sydney in connection with the use of artificial intelligence in order to familiarize Nepalis in Australia with the latest developments in the technology sector and to interview them with career development opportunities.


With the increase in the number of Nepalese students studying IT in Australia, the number of people who are looking for new opportunities and possibilities and doing careers and businesses different from the traditional ones has increased. At the same time, ‘Dented Code’, a coding bootcamp run by Nepalese in Sydney’s Rockdale, organized a hackathon.

The main theme of the hackathon was the use of artificial intelligence in ‘application tracking’ software as per the current market demand. Nepalese students living in Sydney participated in the hackathon which lasted for two days on Saturday and Sunday. Participants in the hackathon created a system to manage job applicants’ applications.

In which the students made a template for matching the information in the resume with the job opportunity, preparing an excellent resume for the admission process, interview questionnaires and their answers. The students worked in four groups to create an app that would be suitable for Nepali students studying in Australia.

The team of Roshan Lama, Gyanu Sherchan, Narayan Aryal and Sushil Basoula won the hackathon. The winner of the hackathon will receive a cash prize of five hundred dollars along with support from Dentedcode to take it forward as a startup.

Madanmani Adhikari, Business Development Manager of Dented Code, says that this kind of program provides support and encouragement to start a startup rather than a financial reward to grow a career and business in the field of technology. Many who come to Australia as students have achieved good financial and business growth through startups.

Prem Acharya, founder of RebTech, Priyanka Gyawali, CTO of Belong Technology, Gation Manandhar, Senior Software Engineer, Simply Wall Street, and Vishwas Adhikari, Frontend Engineer, SwipeJobs, judged the projects prepared by the students as judges in the hackathon.

Dented Code has announced that it will bring more IT programs to help more Nepalis in the future. Dantedcode has been helping those who want to make a career in the field of IT in Australia with training and career placement.

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