Nepali Mato Suhaundo Granth electric scooter is being released, these are the features

Granth EV scooter is going to be released on 23rd Baisakh. FD Motors is going to release the scooter which is assembled in China in Nepali design.


Sujan Dhungel, the CEO of the company informed that Granth electric scooter is suitable for Nepalese soil. FD Motors has completed the assembly industry in Nepal.

In the first phase, electric scooters designed and sent to China for assembly by FD Motors will be available in the market. After that, it is said that it will be assembled in Nepal.

Granth EV has said that it will provide electric scooters with high-class facilities for 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh rupees.

A side drive motor is used in Granth electric scooter. Due to this motor, the scooter can be easily rolled up and down.

It also has good and powerful performance. Dhung says that Tesla also uses side drive motor technology based on permanent magnet synchronization motor technology.

Hub motors are generally used in other scooters. This plain area can be easy to move but it cannot move well uphill and downhill.

Lithium iron phosphate battery is used in the company’s scooters. This battery gives more range. 3 years warranty on battery and motor.

The scooter will be fully charged in 4 to 4 and a half hours and will give a maximum range of 110 km. Battery brake regenerated system is used in it.

Due to this, the power spent when braking comes back to the battery and recharges it, which will give more range. Fast charger technology has also been placed in the scooter.

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