Nepal’s leading IT company Infode Developers enters its 20th year, this is the company’s two-decade journey

Nepal’s leading IT company Infode Developers enters its 20th year, this is the company’s two-decade journey

Nepal’s leading information technology company Infode Developers has completed 19 years and entered 20 years. Info Developers was established on July 7, 2010.

The company, which started 19 years ago in 2002 with an investment of a few thousand rupees from one room, is now connecting millions of people with technology-friendly digital services. It is directly employing more than 350 people.

The company, which initially gave priority to cooperatives and microfinance, has been expanding its scope lately.

The company has been providing services for microfinance and cooperatives by developing core banking system, mobile banking, branchless banking and merchant banking system. The company has been providing quality services especially to the banking and capital market sector.

The company is directly serving more than 10 international non-governmental organizations, more than 50 foreign companies, more than 1,000 cooperatives, more than 25 microfinance and more than 40 government organizations.

The company, which has obtained ISO 9001 and 2015 and ISO Certification of CBS, is expanding its quality service in the international market as well.

Eight important products of Infode Developers are in the market now. Important products including Mobile Banking Services, Info Tab (Branchless Banking), Financial Services, Infinity, MDW, Empower, etc. have helped many organizations in Nepal to transform into the digital age.

The company is providing electronic fund transfer of the Inland Revenue Department as well as payment gateway services to the Public Service Commission, Company Registration Office, Information Department and others.

The company has so far received various awards at various national and international levels. The company was honored in Myanmar in 2016 with the Outstanding ICT Company Award by the renowned international organization Association.

Lately, Infode Developers has become an important destination for business analysts along with IT engineers. Similarly, a few years ago, the company had won the case of source code theft of software and had made everyone aware to protect intellectual property.

The company’s efforts and role are important in instilling confidence in indigenous products in Nepal, which is dominated by foreign software.

Umesh Raghuwanshi, CEO of the Nepali software company, says that in order to make the Nepali software company more efficient, it is necessary to work in tight support with quality products by fulfilling the required criteria.

Raghuvanshi said that the government should take initiative to strengthen its ecosystem to develop the software sector as an industry.

Two decades of info-developers

Just like every company started from scratch, Infode Developers started from 2059 (2002) from one room. Founded by three people with an investment of Rs 60,000, Infode Developers has an annual turnover of crores today.

Umesh Raghuvanshi left his lucrative career in the banking sector to become an IT entrepreneur. Along with his two other friends, his dream and hard work to change the society and the country through IT is taking shape today.

Infode Developers is paving the way for the ICT sector by employing more than 350 people and transacting millions of rupees annually.

The company initially started developing various products at its own expense. Accounting software called ‘Pharma Pro’ developed in the same context could not come in the market.

However, this company did not deviate from the failure and was active in other important and product development, the company brought to the market for the cooperative Finisis software.

The success of Phoenix gave the energy company the opportunity to bring other banking solutions. Gradually, the company became financially strong and started hiring the necessary software engineers.

In order to meet the growing demand of the banking sector and to be technology friendly, this organization adopted the concept of centralized information management and introduced centralized web based banking solutions. These solutions are available for both cloud and non-cloud. After the hard work of all the friends of the team, the company was gradually embarking on the journey of success.

Along with the development and distribution of the core banking system, InfoDevelopers became involved in national level software projects of government and non-government agencies such as Inland Revenue Department, Save the Children, Public Service Commission, Nepal Bank, Citizens Investment Fund.

Similarly, for governmental and non-governmental organizations, the company has launched centralized hosting based financial

Various cooperatives and microfinance institutions are involved in this hosting system. In addition, the portfolio management system developed by this organization is being used successfully by most of the portfolio managers in the country.

Today, the company is successfully using online and offline branchless banking services through mobile banking, internet banking and tablet banking by various commercial banks and microfinance. In addition, the organization has expanded its services beyond Nepal to Bhutan, India and the United States.

Four microfinance institutions in Bhutan are using CBS solutions. It is also providing software services for Fintech organizations in India. It also provides AI-based applications for US organizations.

The achievements of the company, which is earning a reputation nationally and internationally for its excellent products and services, have made a significant contribution to the development of the software industry. In addition to good learning and working environment, inflodevelopers are also becoming the center of skilled manpower.


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