New security updates on Apple devices, from communication safety to lockdown mode

Apple has announced new features for Apple devices at its annual developer conference. New features have been introduced to improve user privacy and security.


The company has introduced new features from iPhone to Apple TV. New features include link tracking protection, lockdown mode, communication safety, namedrop, warning on sensitive content and other features.

These privacy features will come in iOS 17, iPad OS 17, tvOS 17. Apple’s new privacy and security features for its devices are as follows.

More features in Safari browsing

Apple has brought a new update for Safari Private Browsing. Apple has said that Private Browsing will now lock Windows when not in use.

With this, users can keep tabs open even after taking a break. Users can share a single photo with the app with the help of the new embed photo picker. Additionally, the user’s library will remain locked.

Link tracking protection feature

Apple has introduced a link tracking protection feature for its users. This feature is introduced for messaging, mail, and Safari private browsing. With the help of this feature, websites cannot track users to other websites with the help of URLs.

Communication Safety Facility

The Communication Safety feature helps protect young children from inappropriate content. With the help of the new API, developers will be able to add this feature to their apps.

With the help of this feature, sending and receiving photos from Apple devices in the hands of young children can be protected from inappropriate content. With the help of the feature, now FaceTime video messages and AirDrop can also be done safely.

What is the new update on password and pass key?

Users can now create a group for more secure passwords than ever before. Password can be shared in this group. Apart from this, every member of the group will also get the facility to edit and update the password.

A warning will be available for sensitive content

Apple users will be warned in advance for sensitive content. Apple users will see this warning when they receive inappropriate content in Messages, AirDrop, FaceTime video messages, and when using the Phone app.

Are you in lockdown mode?

Apple users will have the option of Lockdown Mode for an extra layer of security. The use of lockdown mode will be beneficial for users who are targeted by hackers.

Apple’s lockdown mode will be useful for users to avoid spying. This feature is now brought with watchOS support.

Are you of namedrop facility?

Namedrop feature has been introduced for a new airdrop experience for users. With the help of this feature, users can share content with other users with extra security.

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