Nothing could soon announce “Particles by XO” sub-brand

Nothing Particles by XO Rumors Leaks Specifications Launch

Only a couple of months into the business, Nothing may already launch a new sub-brand called “Particles by XO”as hinted by a media report. The first product from this sub-brand, rumored to be a pair of TWS earbuds, has reportedly been spotted online. More on Nothing’s sub-brand “Particles by XO” in this article.

“Particles by XO” Rumors:

Tipster Kuba Wojciechowski has exclusively informed 91Mobiles about Nothing’s new sub-brand. However, it is unclear whether “Particles by XO” is the actual name. Or if the “Particles” is a lineup and “XO” is the sub-brand.

Regardless, the first leaked image of the TWS earbuds gives a good idea of the design. Unlike standard TWS or Nothing’s transparent earbuds, these new earbuds will have a unique shape like a peanut with an L-shaped form factor. Likewise, the charging case also looks fairly simple, without any transparent themes.

On the other hand, “Particles by XO” is rumored to be a US-only brand. Since reports suggest that the name has only been trademarked in the United States.

Furthermore, 91mobiles has also revealed some key details about the earbuds. B154 is the codename for it. And, the firmware from Nothing’s serve reveals that the TWS earphones will include high-end features such as the LHDC codec and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). So these will be premium earbuds.

“Particles by XO” Launch and Availability

For the time being, there’s no word from the company about the new sub-brand or its products. We will refresh the article as soon as there is a new update.

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