Now electric vehicles will be manufactured in Nepal and an assembly plant is being set up in Rupandehi

Now electric vehicles will be manufactured in Nepal and an assembly plant is being set up in Rupandehi

Various companies are starting the process for operating electric buses. In that context, the tender for 40 electric buses to be brought by public transport is opening today (Friday).

Public transport has stated that the electric bus can be brought in six months after the completion of that process.

Sajha had invited 45-day global bids for the purchase of 40 electric buses on April 27. The 45-day bid was delayed due to global corona, according to public transport.

Bhushan Tuladhar, a member of the Joint Transport Steering Committee, informed that the procurement process has moved ahead. According to him, the tender will be evaluated for about a month and a half after the bids are opened. After the evaluation of the committee, an agreement will be reached and electric buses can be brought within six months of the agreement.

Tuladhar said, “It was delayed for two months due to Corona. The agreement is reached after evaluating the tender.” The buses are likely to arrive in six months as the companies will build the buses only after the agreement is signed.

According to him, the construction work will be done in phases after the agreement. Initially, the construction company will have to drive three buses on Nepal’s roads to pass the test. Tuladhar said that more buses will be brought after the test is successful.

According to him, the agreement stipulates that the company will not only purchase the bus but also repair it for five years. There may be a delay of a few days as the package has to be agreed upon with the provision of providing spare parts for maintenance.

With the provision of Rs. 3 billion provided by the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, 40 buses with 26 seats of nine meters length will be procured. In the first phase, 40 buses are being prepared.

While preparing the specification of the joint venture, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport had stopped the procurement process on September 20, 2008 saying that the work had not progressed as per the agreement. There is a claim that if it has not been stopped before, the bus will come now.

20 beautiful buses are coming

Twenty beautiful buses operating electric buses have stopped in Singapore. Chairman of Sundar Yatayat Bhesh Bahadur Thapa informed that the bus brought from China is currently kept in Singapore due to the closure of Corona.

The 40-seat capacity buses will be brought to Nepal as soon as the ban on India is lifted. Sundar Yatayat has purchased buses with an investment of Rs 500 million after the government encouraged the operation of electric buses.

Buses will also be operated in major cities outside Kathmandu Valley such as Butwal, Biratnagar, Narayangarh and Nepalgunj. Currently, Sundar Yatayat is operating four electric buses in the Kathmandu Valley.

Assembling plant under construction

Sundar Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is going to build an assembly of electric vehicles in Sainamina Municipality of Rupandehi. Chairman Bhesh Bahadur Thapa informed that electric buses, motorcycles, jeeps and cars will be constructed.

The assembly plant, to be constructed at an investment of around Rs 3.60 billion, has set a target of producing 300 vehicles in the first year.

According to Thapa, there is a plan to build 500 electric vehicles in the second year and at least 1,000 electric vehicles annually.

Sundar Auto is going to set up an assembly plant with the joint investment of Sek Group of Dubai and BAK Group of China.

He said, ‘The land has been acquired, we will make an agreement next week. Then we lay the foundation, we build all the structures in about nine months after the foundation is laid. We are also preparing to bring assembled goods. ‘

It is said that the Sainamina Municipality has already passed the proposal from the Palika Sabha to provide the land. GorkhapatraFrom


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