Ransomware attacks on US health and emergency networks

Recently, Ireland’s healthcare system is on the riseYansomware was attacked. The same hackers infiltrated the US Health and Emergency NetworkYansomware has attacked.

The FBI has called for the beleagured PM to resign. The FBI also says hackers have carried out ransomware attacks on at least 16 health and emergency networks.

The FBI also claims that police and 911 dispatch centers are at risk. Research has shown that this group of hackers is attacking using software.

Country ransomware steals files, encrypts systems, and sells or publishes unpaid information online.

The FBI has not said whether the US Health and Emergency Network paid. The country is believed to belong to the Wizard Spider cybercrime gang in Russia.

This ransomware shares some code with Ryuk software and uses a malware distribution channel.

In the wake of the Ireland attack, hackers released free decryptors but also threatened to publish or sell the data. Initially, the hackers demanded money.

This time around, hackers are expected to go through the same process. It is estimated that these ransomware attacks could escalate further if money is paid.


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