Redmi K50 Series Rumors, Leaks, Specifications, Launch Date

Redmi K40 series was unveiled in China towards the end of February. Less than six months into the launch, its successor is already in development. Though not final, the plan for the upcoming Redmi K50 series is to have faster charging and a better screen. Here, we are talking about everything we know about Redmi’s upcoming flagship smartphone lineup so far.

Redmi K50 series: Everything we know

Official information

It has already been confirmed that Redmi’s next flagship series will bear the K50 moniker, which is in line with the previous naming convention. Redmi’s General Manager Lu Weibing confirmed the information via his Weibo handle. He asked his followers for potential features they would like to see on the Redmi K50 series. The post on Weibo confirms the fact that Redmi is already considering the specs for the K50 series.

Lu Weibing confirms Redmi K50 Confirmation

Leaks by Digital Chat Station

Further information about the K50 series comes from Digital Chat Station, who has been a reliable source for leaks so far. According to him, the company is initially focusing on improving charging capabilities. For context, Redmi K40 has a 4,520mAh battery and support for 33W charging. Redmi could bump the latter to 50W or 65W for the K50.

Redmi K50 initial leaks by Digital Chat Station

In addition, the screen will also be improved. To compare, the K40 series uses an E4 AMOLED panel, rated A+ by DisplayMate. Thus, it will be interesting to see what improvements the K50 will have. Similarly, we could see an improvement in the video recording capabilities too.

It’s too early for any “confirmed leaks”

Still, we recommend taking every bit of info with a pinch of salt. Even if Digital Chat Station has access to insider information, it is too early to label anything as “confirmed leaks.” Brands often test multiple new features during the prototyping phase, but only a handful of them make it into the final product.

They can add or remove features at any time unless the device has entered mass production. As such, it’s almost impossible to make any changes. We all remember the OnePlus 8 Pro‘s X-ray vision fiasco, don’t we?

Redmi K50 Series Expected Launch Date

Like I mentioned in the beginning, the Redmi K40 series was unveiled towards the end of February 2021. With that in reference, the Redmi K50 lineup could go official in late 2021 or early 2022 as it is already in development.

Smartphone ModelExpected Launch Date
Redmi K50 seriesEarly 2022
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