Ride Sharing Company Easy Taxi providing free education and relief to the driver’s family

Ride Sharing Company Easy Taxi Nepal has announced a free education material and relief program for the families of self-employed entrepreneurs and taxi drivers operating in the Kathmandu Valley.

Working as a second ambulance, this easy taxi, which is active in operating the business of taxis operating in the valley in a systematic, dignified and timely manner, has brought relief program in the current situation.

The coronavirus epidemic has brought the business to the brink of collapse. Despite this situation, some of our self-employed and working class friends have died from the corona virus infection.

Sanjit Poudel, the operator of Easy Taxi Nepal, said that one of the children of the family will be helped to pay for his education up to class ten with the aim of helping his family in this sad time. He said that this kind of assistance has been provided to ensure that no child is deprived of education.

“The Corona Relief Program has also been launched to help those who are having problems with their daily lives due to the Corona epidemic,” he said.

Poudel further said, “This corona epidemic is a common challenge for all of us. We all want to help as much as we can in the spirit of mutual support.” That’s why we’ve announced some relief for the taxi driver families. ‘

Easy Taxi Nepal has been running Corona Insurance for drivers, discounts on vehicle insurance, financial assistance to the family of the deceased driver and many other relief and financial assistance programs.

In the coming days, Kathmandu Metropolitan City is working with various stakeholders, organizations and various organizations to make this business systematic and dignified as well as to provide services through on-call and online.

We would like to inform that Easy Taxi Nepal is working towards guaranteeing the facilities provided by the state by including the self-employed and labor drivers involved in this business in the concept of social security fund.


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