Russia’s ransomware group ‘Revil’ disappears from the Internet

Russia’s ransomware group ‘Revil’ disappears from the Internet

Russia’s software firm ‘Revil’ has been found missing from the internet. The group has so far carried out a number of large-scale cyber attacks. According to CNBC, Reuters and The Washington Post, Revil’s website has been down since last Tuesday.

CrowdStrike told Kuran The Post that the blog is still accessible on Revil’s dark web. The attackers used this site to bargain for money and use decryption tools to pay.

Now when you go to that website, you get a notification that there is no server in the name of the specified host. Reville’s recent software attack affected between 800 and 1,500 businesses and demanded ७० 70 million to restore the data.

According to Reuters, after being attracted by many people, the software groups rebrand and come up with another name. Reuters speculates that this may have been the case.


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