Sample Parliament operation by virtual method

Sample parliament operation by virtual method

The National Youth Council has run a model youth parliament using technology. The youth parliament has been run by gathering the youth from all over the country in one place using technology.

The council has run a youth parliament using technology after it was unable to attend due to the corona virus. The council has run ‘model youth state assemblies’ in all the seven states through virtual method.

Council Vice-Chairman Madhab Prasad Dhungel said that the practice of youth parliament was also possible through virtual method. In the role of Chief Minister, Minister, State Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Whip, Leader of Parliamentary Party, State MP in the age group of 16 to 24 years, it has become possible to practice the Youth State Assembly through virtual method.

The council has conducted separate state assemblies in all the seven states. In all the seven states, there is a group of five technicians to conduct the meeting by virtual method.

The group has conducted the meeting by providing one zoom ID in each state. Seven cameras were used to conduct the meeting virtually.

Physical presence, such as the use of technology from virtual, the state assembly office, rostrum, chairs, dignity was also seen while operating the state assembly.

“Because of the corona virus, we have to do it in a virtual way,” he said. “At first we didn’t think it was possible, but we did it well.”

At the conclusion of the virtual assembly, Zum was connected in one place in all the seven states. Dhungel, executive vice-chairman of the council, said that the program was effective in reducing the expenses through the virtual method.

“If this was the case, our group would have had to go to all the seven states, which would have increased the cost,” he said.

The council will run the federal model youth parliament in the same manner from July 11 onwards. He was of the view that the government could run the legislature-parliament in the time of the Corona virus, just as the trained youth conducted the model state assembly.

“The 16- to 24-year-olds who completed the two-day training conducted the model youth state assembly,” he said.

The council is organizing a national youth scientific conference for two days from tomorrow. Four hundred people will attend the conference.

Earlier, the council had held the International Youth Day last year through virtual method. Ministers and secretaries of Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh were also present on the occasion.


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