Sanima Bank customers will get up to Rs 2,000 discount when buying goods from drawers

Sanima Bank customers will get up to Rs 2,000 discount when buying goods from drawers

Sanima Bank, in collaboration with online shopping portal Daraj Kayamu, is offering special discounts to the bank’s debit and credit card users when purchasing goods from Daraj.

The discount will be given to the debit card and credit card users of the bank with a minimum discount of Rs 1,500 to a maximum of Rs 2,000.

On Friday, Bikram Shrestha, Head of Digital Banking Department of Sanima Bank and Arun Phuyal, Digital Payment Partnership Manager of Daraj Kayamu Pvt. Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding and announced a business partnership.

As per the agreement between the bank and Daraj, under the ‘Mahabachat Bazaar Yojana’ operated by Daraj, customers will be able to get a discount of 15 percent or up to a maximum of Rs 1,500 on purchases made using debit cards at Sanima Bank.

You will get a maximum discount of 20 percent or Rs 2,000 on the use of credit card. However, this scheme will be implemented only from 3 July to 7 July.

At present, Sanima Bank has a total of 86 branch offices across the country and 17 extended counters and 95 ATMs in operation.

Sanima Bank is offering special discounts on various hospitals, shopping outlets (shopping centers), hotels, restaurants, etc. when using debit and credit cards.


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