Smart Telecom’s license automatically revoked after failing to pay billions

The license of Nepal’s telecommunication service provider company Smart Telecom has been automatically revoked. Smart Telecom’s license was automatically revoked after it failed to pay the arrears and renewal fee.


Smart Telecom had to pay 30 billion rupees for renewal. But the license was automatically canceled after the said amount was not paid.

The term of Smart Telecom, which got the basic telephone service license on 2nd of Baisakh 2070, expired on 2nd of Baisakh 2080.

After the automatic cancellation of the license, on Monday, Nepal Telecommunication Authority has decided to take control of Smart Telecom and manage the property.

Santosh Paudel, spokesperson and director of the authority, said that they are preparing to send a letter to transfer the active network, infrastructure and connections of Smart to NTA.

“The authority is sending a letter to Smart Telecom to hand over the structure within 15 days and continue the service,” he told Icity News.

Now, the Telecommunication Authority will proceed with the work according to the Property Management Regulations of Telecommunication Service Providers, which do not have valid licenses. On the other hand, Smart Telecom has gone to the court saying that the license will not be preserved after it has been revoked automatically.

This is the property management regulation

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