Subisu builds a single optical fiber network with a capacity of 400 Gbps

Subisu builds a single optical fiber network with a capacity of 400 Gbps

Subisu Network has expanded its 400 Gbps single optical fiber solution in collaboration with Nokia.

Spread over 1,500 km east-west, Subisu said it would provide high-speed and high-quality internet and intranet services to meet the growing demand for internet.

The company is confident that Nokia’s state-of-the-art solution will significantly contribute to the broadband services provided by Subisu.

To provide high speed broadband internet and intranet to Subisu’s retail and corporate customers, Nokia has for the first time in Nepal provided a single optical fiber solution with a capacity of 400 Gbps.

It will also help establish a new market by addressing Subisu’s growing bandwidth needs. The company now claims that Subisu’s customers can experience more quality service in high speed broadband services.

The Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) platform with 400 Gbps single fiber has been connected to the offering Photonic Service Engine (PSE), two-way wavelength division multiplexing across the country. The company claims that this is the first operation of such a solution in the world.

Vinay Mohan Saud, CEO of Subisu, said that Nokia has been working with Nokia for a long time and it is helping to provide quality broadband services.

Vinish Bawa, head of Nokia’s Emerging Markets for India, said the 1830 PSS solution has enabled service providers like Subisu to meet growing demand and further refine the customer experience.

Sanjay Golchha, MD of Neoteric Nepal, as a partner of Nokia, expressed his commitment to assist in the process of building high speed communication systems in Nepal by building new and future useful technologies.


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