The global mobile market, Saomi’s leap in the capture of these five companies

The global mobile market, Saomi’s leap in the capture of these five companies

Smartphone companies are in fierce competition to sell their mobiles in the global market. Every month companies are bringing new features and models to sell their phones.

If you look at the global market now, the top five companies have 70 percent market share. In which the progress of some companies is fast.

According to the latest report, Samsung, Saomi, Apple, Oppo and Vivo have become the top five companies in the global market. According to the second quarter of 2021, mobile sales in the global market have increased by 12 percent. In which Saumi has made the most progress.

According to a preliminary report by World Shipment, the Korean company Samsung is at the forefront of the top five companies. It is leading the global mobile market. Its global market share is 19 percent. Its progress during this period has been 15 percent.

Similarly, Saomi managed to finish second. This is the first time that the Chinese company has managed to be ranked second in the world market. He has managed to come in second place behind the American company Apple.

It has grown its market share to 83 percent in the world, with a global mobile market share of 17 percent.

Similarly, Apple has fallen to the third. Apple’s progress during this period has not been satisfactory. It has increased its sales by 1 percent and maintained its global market share at 14 percent.

Also in the horizontal position is OPPO, which has a global market share of 10 percent. It has increased its sales by 28 percent during the period.

The fifth most successful mobile company is Vivo. Market expansion has increased by 27 percent and the global market has managed to achieve 10 percent market share.

Saumi’s leap

In the last year, Saumi has been able to rapidly send mobile phones to the world market. It has not only increased its market share, but also managed to overtake Apple, which is ahead of it, to be in second place.

According to international news agencies, mobile sales have increased by 300 percent in Latin America, 150 percent in Africa and 50 percent in Western Europe.

However, its selling price is cheaper than that of Samsung in the first place and Apple in the third place. The selling price of Saumi mobiles is 40 percent cheaper than Samsung and 75 percent cheaper than Apple.

Although Saomi entered the market by producing cheap mobile products, it is now focusing on high-end smartphones. This year, Saumi’s most sought after mobile phone is the MI11 Ultra. However, it is expected to be difficult to compete with Oppo and Vivo with similar features.

Similarly, if Saomi expands its market, it is expected to overtake Samsung to become the world’s fastest growing market.

Saomi has a wide range of mobile phones, which allow consumers to shop around. It is currently producing mobiles in three main brands – MI, Redmi and Pokफोनphone.

Depending on the model, his mobiles are available at cheap to expensive prices. For example, the Redmi 9A is available in the world market for less than one hundred dollars, while the Mi 11 Ultra is priced at 1,400 US dollars. Sales of mobiles like the MI11 Ultra have increased this year.

After China, Saomi’s best-selling country is India. He also said that market expansion is high in places like Europe and Africa. In the United States, however, it has not been able to expand its market. Huawei’s ban is also expected to have some effect.


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