The second test of oxygen cylinder production in Nepal was successful, now let’s go to mass production

The second test of oxygen cylinder production started by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has been conducted. The second test of the oxygen cylinder was successful on Monday night.

Encouraged by the second test, Nasht’s senior technical officer, Dr. Engineer Shankar Dhakal said. In a test conducted by Nast yesterday, it has succeeded in applying pressure to the oxygen cylinder more than 500 times.

“We estimated that the pressure would reach 375 bar when testing the oxygen cylinder. But when we put pressure 500 times more than our estimate, the oxygen cylinder didn’t do anything, ‘he said.

Then the oxygen cylinder exploded at a pressure of 510-20. Only the bottom plate of the bottom of the cylinder was ruptured during the blast.

Oxygen cylinders are made using the resources available in Nepal. ‘We were a little scared to go into mass production from the first test. “We should have gone for mass production only after testing the second phase,” Dhakal told ICT News. We can now produce oxygen cylinders in Nepal.

‘We do a kind of test by increasing the thickness of the bottom plate of the cylinder. Then we will make it public, ‘says Dhakal.’ Nasht will only do research and development work. It does not produce itself. ‘

Dhakal further said, “We have a one-phase MoU with the industry that can work on the design and specification we have made for the product. Then we talk to the Department of Weights and Measures and the Nepal Health Practitioners Council to make it standard. ‘

For the first time in Nepal, Nasht has also made a ‘test setup’ for oxygen cylinder test. Now the produced cylinder can be tested in waste. He says, ‘We test the produced oxygen cylinder to blast. But if we keep it up to 225 kg per centimeter square, then we will move forward in terms of passing that cylinder. ‘

The Chaudhary Group and UNDP have shown interest in investing and distributing the oxygen cylinder being tested by Nasht.

“If anyone wants to make an oxygen cylinder according to our design and quality, we give them a chance. They make. Then we bring it and test it, ‘he said.

Dhakal said that it was not necessary to do the third test as the pressure had crossed 500 times during the second test. The oxygen cylinder needs 150 times the pressure cylinder. He said that the test was to give 2.5 times more pressure and after completing that, the pressure should be crossed 500 times and the third test should not be done.

However, for internal satisfaction, we will also conduct another test, said Dhakal. He also said that now it is ready for mass production. This cylinder made in Nepal will be cheaper than the price available in the market now.


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