The spirit of giving advice from the website and mobile app, also free messaging service

The spirit of giving advice from the website and mobile app, also free messaging service

PDL founder and psychologist juvenile officer

For the past two years, people around the world have been suffering from corona infection and its effects. Mental problems are on the rise around the world during such epidemics.

At this time of corona infection, it is difficult to see a specialist directly to solve the problem. Mental health problems have also increased in Nepal.

Online services have been launched to provide mental health, wellness and career related services to solve such problems. One of them is emotional service.

People Development Lab (pdlHas started providing mental health and psychotherapy services through mobile app and website.

For this, the website of the People’s Development Lab Attitude dot com And Attitude in Android app The service is available, said Kishor Adhikari, founder of PDL.

“We provide mental health, wellness and career-related services online,” the official said.

Of course, it has been a year since the mental service started. However, the online service was not fully launched. It’s been two weeks since the full-blown mood started online and one week since the app came out. So far, counseling services have been provided to 200 people, the official said.

The official said that such services are especially available in urban areas of Nepal, the United States, Australia, Malaysia and Middle Eastern countries. He said that the people living in those places are very busy and stressed and they have to take such services from time to time.
People with mental health problems, frequent stress, and family problems should take this service.

Therefore, he is providing services by putting mental health problem as the first priority. He says that mental health problems have also increased due to covid. Now it is difficult for the council to find experts.

The service is also available to those who do not have mental health problems but have some emotional issues, fights and feel bad about themselves, the official said.

He says that psychotherapy and counseling are processed and the problem will be solved by finding the problem. The subject of mental health is not only medicine but also counseling is important to solve the problem, the official said.

How to get service

There are two options for taking psychotherapy services out of emotion. The first is and the second is the mobile app Manobhavana. Currently the mobile app is only available on Android.

After going online, you need to create your account. Then you are asked some general questions. After these questions you can put your problem.

Once logged in, the psychologist you need will be provided based on the answer to the question you provided. Who will be experts in solving your problem.

Message exchange service is available as soon as you register. Which is available free of charge for five days. You can put your problem by sending a message and every day by looking at your message, the expert will tell you the solution. This service is available free of charge for five days.

According to officials, the free service is available to up to five first-time users on the website or app. After five days, the service taken from the message stops.

Then he has to take other packages available online if he wants to continue the council service.
After the free message is closed, you can pay extra to get advice from the message. A fee of Rs 630 has been fixed for one week.

You can also take ‘One to One Session’ online now. Its website or application has a face-to-face system like Zoom. The service can be availed after booking it. There is a charge of one thousand rupees per hour for this service.

Another is that the package is made by integrating different services. Like a 40 day package. It has features like ‘One to One Session’, ‘Face to Face’, Message etc. It is being discussed in various ways. Prices range from Rs 4,500 to Rs 10,000. It can be served for 6 months.

There is also a ‘face to face session’ service. However, since the online service is the priority, the fee for the service is a bit higher, the official said.

If someone has anxiety and depression, various packages have been made for that type of patient. The official said that the package has also been prepared for the career division.

Someone has anxiety, the mind is scared, it is difficult to sleep, but there is a work and relaxation package. “Our study says it’s okay to have five sessions once a week,” the official said.

When taking these packages, the conversation starts by contacting the related experts. Some packages may also have to meet ‘face to face’. There is also a meeting facility.


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