This is how AI technology made the poster of Bahaa movie

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a unique place in the world information technology sector.


AI, which has been popular for some time now, is human-made technology that has the ability to think, speak and behave like humans. Hardware and software manufacturers directly related to information technology such as Google, Microsoft, Lenovo are working on AI. AI technology ChatZipity is very popular on the internet platform.

Chatzipity uses generative AI technology to collect information and present it in a new way, i.e. building information through open source. Posters of Nepali movies have also been prepared through this technology.

The poster of the movie ‘Bahav’ has been prepared with Riri (AI) developed by Prixa Technologies. The poster prepared by Riri has been released by the production side after the main character Suraksha Pant’s photo and information about the story has been placed. Producer Sridhar Paudel informed that the poster prepared by Riri, which is under test, is in accordance with the spirit of the story.

‘With the intention of doing something new, we prepared a poster with the help of AI. We are excited by the results of the trial”, said producer Poudel, “I am confident that this will help independent filmmakers in the future. The test carried out while moving forward with technology has been successful.’

He informed that Riri is currently undergoing testing and is not available for public service. Producer Paudel had previously produced the movie ‘Gopi’ which received the ‘National Award’ from the Government of Nepal.

If the test is successful, PRIXA has informed that it is preparing to provide free or fee-based services in the future.

The promotional style of ‘Bahav’, which will be shown from Chait 24, is more focused on digital technology than physical.
Directed by Pramod Kandel, the film is based on the story of ‘Jijyasa, Bichar Ani Reali Ko Katha’ and stars Kamalmani Nepal, Afran Ali, Surya Sharma Bhatt, Ishwari Singh, Hiralal Kandel and Pawan Shrestha along with Suraksha.

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