Upatyaka mobile service quality test, Ncell seems to be the fastest phone call

Upatyaka mobile service quality test, Ncell seems to be the fastest phone call

A study has shown that Ncell is the fastest of the three telecom service providers operating in the country.

According to a study conducted by the regulatory body Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Ncell is at the forefront in terms of the time it takes to set up a call and the success rate of setting up a call. However, no company has met the minimum criteria set by NEA.

NEA had conducted the test by calling within the network of the telecom company. NEA had conducted the test from April 2077 to May 2078.

According to a study released by NEA on Sunday, Ncell’s call time is 5.27 seconds. The call time set by NEA should be 5 seconds or less.

Similarly, Ncell has a call success rate of 94.43 percent. The success rate for establishing a call specified by NEA should be 99 percent or more.

The call setting time of Nepal Telecom is 9.34 seconds and the call success rate is 90.51 percent.

Similarly, even though there are not many users, the call setting time of Smart Telecom is 10.27 seconds and the success rate of call setting is 84.47 percent.

The condition of all telecom companies is good at the rate of disconnection of phone calls. The phone call disconnection rate specified by NEA should be 2 percent or less. Of that, Nepal Telecom has 0.87 percent, Ncell has 0.2 percent and Smart Telecom has 0.45 percent.

The NEA conducted the test in three places in three districts of Kathmandu Valley. The NEA conducted the test in Kathmandu. , Gaushala, Sinamangal and Shantinagar.

Similarly, the test was conducted at Teku Kupandol, Balkumari, Imadol, Gwarko and Tikathali in Lalitpur. In Bhaktapur, Balkot, Kaushaltar, Pepsi Cola and Narephant were tested. In addition, it was tested on the main and access roads within the ring roads of these districts.

This method collects data on the main service standards of the mobile network by making phone calls or using data, including test equipment connected to moving vehicles.

Measure the quality of all the service providers available in one place in parallel. The most convenient network is automatically selected from the available network (4G, 3G, 3G) of each service provider’s location.


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