“We have worked hard to establish e-commerce in Nepal. Now the government has moved ahead by stopping the private sector.”

The government has tightened the lockdown in Kathmandu Valley and also stopped the home delivery service of e-commerce companies.

Moreover, private companies have been stopped and two government companies have been entrusted with home delivery. On the one hand, there is a risk of Corona being stopped, on the other hand, the same business is being given to a government company, and the concerned businessmen have become frustrated.

The private sector has established that e-commerce services can be operated in Nepal with a long time and effort. Today, the government is operating the service itself by stopping the private sector when needed.

They have called this work the opposite policy. While making home delivery more effective, the government has stopped the services of private sector consulting companies and moved government companies Nepal Food Trading Company and Salt Trading Corporation forward.

Entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with the government’s policy. Metro Tarkari’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Anil Basnet said that he was surprised by the government’s decision to stop providing services to private companies.

“We have been working in the e-commerce sector in Nepal for 8-9 years. We have made it possible to shop online in Nepal as well, ‘he told ICT Samacha.’ The government has not allowed e-commerce when it was needed. ‘

He says he is disappointed with the government’s move. Customers have not been able to get out. He says that even at this time, customers are complaining that there is no home delivery service.

He says he is disappointed with the government’s move. Customers have not been able to get out. He says that even at this time, customers are complaining about the lack of home delivery service.

“We have not been able to serve the customers because of the government,” he says.

All types of e-commerce companies have been shut down since Friday, said Sagardev Bhatta, president of eBusiness Association Nepal and founder of Mero

The government has not allowed home delivery to run smoothly since the lockdown began. These companies were providing services to the customers who were in dire need, the customers who could not get out of the house due to corona infection.

“Even before this, we were using force to transport food,” he said. From today, all e-commerce is closed.

He says he does not know how much capacity the government has for home delivery. How much home delivery can the government do? What is your capacity, how many varieties? He says he doesn’t even know how to do it.

“There are rumors that Nepal Food and Trade Company does it. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Bhatt has accused the government of acting like an economic crisis. He is of the opinion that everything including food and drink should be taken care of to stay healthy as there is no health crisis now.

“The government is doing the opposite. We are tired of talking about this to the government, “he said.” It looked like a government that only knows how to impose curfews.

The government says it is always ready to provide safe home delivery services.
He says the government’s decision to allow e-commerce has had a greater impact on consumers than business.

Consumers are deprived of the service they want. According to Basnet, CEO of Metro Tarkari, there are no good people at the policy-making level.

Basnet said that after spending 8-9 years in online service, there is confusion about the future of Nepal’s e-commerce business.

It has been mentioned that Nepal, operated by Nepal Food Management and Trade Company, will provide service only inside and outside the Kathmandu Valley ring road (up to 1 km by road).

“Even outside the Kathmandu Valley ring road, there are human settlements far and wide. How does food reach the people there?” Bhatta asked.

“They don’t have the capacity, they don’t have the items,” he said. They can’t deliver those things to children and patients. ‘ He argues that the government service should not only sell rice and salt.

“The government is trying its best to do what it can, but when it comes to elephants, the elephants are fussy,” he says.

He said the government’s system was not good and customers could not order easily.
The government has said that food delivery means selling lime, rice and pulses. Bhatt says that many other types of items need to be provided at a time when there are health problems.

Corona is infected in many homes. They need fresh fruits, protein foods, meat, milk. These services cannot be provided by government services.

Corona is infected in many homes. They need fresh fruits, protein foods, meat, milk. These services cannot be provided by government services.

Entrepreneurs say that they have not been able to address the current need as they have just entered the field of government services.

Concerned businessmen say that home delivery service should not be stopped for the benefit of the families who are affected by corona, old age or those who are unable to go out.

Now all the members of the family are affected. In some cases, family members have contracted colic, while others have been able to stay safe.

They have not been able to go out for their own safety and that of their neighbors. They say there will be no home delivery service for them.

In other countries, many are getting jobs in delivery agencies when Corona is closed. Home delivery services are on the rise, but in Nepal the opposite is true.


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