Who is Barkha Thapa on Facebook?

Who is Barkha Thapa on Facebook?

Nanakala Thapa has been appointed as the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. Even though the name of the Minister of Communications is not heard in politics in Nepal, the interest of many has increased.

His name is not new in political circles. As the then Maoist army commander, she was introduced as the wife of Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ and later as the wife of Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa.

When her husband went underground, he was known by the nickname ‘Badal’, said Nanakala, who has been appointed as the Minister of Communications. Barkha Thapa Have kept

After Pushpa Kamal Dahal became the ‘Prachanda’ Prime Minister in the Maoist peace process, she was appointed as the chairperson of the National Commission for Women. She served as chair of the commission’s third term.

After that, his identity became wider.

Her political career began with a 36-year-old student movement. Born in Butbal, Naikalla studied in Butbal and Chitwan. Nanakala, 59, has done BA and BEd.

When her husband Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal went underground, she worked as a teacher. She remained active in politics even during her student days.

During her two years as the chairperson of the Women’s Commission, her name appeared in the media. After leaving there, she did not appear in politics.

After Prime Minister KP Sharmaoli included his name in the list of Communications and Information Technology Minister, his discussion has suddenly increased.

Appointing additional ministers to the vacant ministry in the reconstituted cabinet, Oli has appointed Thapa to the ministry of communications and information technology.


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