Why is AI Workshop for non-technicians needed?

Why is AI Workshop for non-technicians needed?

Fusion Machine Inc., an organization working in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has announced that it will organize an AITugo workshop.

Fuse Machine has brought AI training program targeting non-technical people of Nepal. The company, which is conducting various educational activities under AI Education, is also conducting this program to show the importance and need of AI to all.

The AI ​​workshop for non-technical people is probably the first training in Nepal. It can be attended by professionals with little or no technical knowledge related to information technology, as well as people with no background in AI.

The workshop will be held from 6 pm to 7 pm after office hours from August 2. The Aitugo workshop of Fuse Machine will be conducted for four weeks, which will help those who have minimal or limited knowledge about computer science and technology.

This training program includes eight live online sessions. This program will discuss the basics of AI, Machine Learning (ML). This course will be accessible from desktop and mobile.

Participants will also have access to additional reading materials during the program. Until now, programs have been focused on computer science and technology students, and now AI will have the same impact on the lives of non-technical people, so this time non-technical participants have been given priority.

This will help raise awareness about the importance of AI across the country. Samir Maske informed.

By the end of the workshop, participants will learn about machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, classification, regression, computer vision, natural language processing, dataset and AI model design, and the basics needed to build an ML model.

The company says that this workshop will be very helpful as there is a need to know about these topics in today’s digital age.

Bulant Uyaniker, a senior AI researcher at FuseMachine, said there is a lack of knowledgeable and experienced people to enter the age of growing awareness of AI and digital transformation.

“On the one hand, we are trying to increase access to knowledge about AI through trainings of an important nature, such as AITugo,” he said.

According to FuseMasin, the goal of the workshop is to encourage participants to think creatively about the use of AI and ML.

The workshop was attended by Columbia University Professor and Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Fuse Machines, Drs. Sameer Maskey and Ph.D. Bulent Ueniker will conduct the session.

For guest lectures in the workshops, notable experts, computer scientists and trainers in the field of AI in the United States will take classes as guest lectures and experimental classes related to programming will also be conducted.

Sameer Maskey, CEO of FuseMachine, said that the AI ​​Education Program for Nepal was launched two years ago to provide high quality AI education to people living in every part of the country.

“On the one hand, we have been training hundreds of computer science and information technology students in AI,” says Maskey. “We are especially excited by the interest shown by non-technical professionals in Nepal.”

He stressed on the need to organize such training for non-technical professionals in order to make AI accessible to the general public in Nepal. Only then can AI truly succeed in enriching both education and professional opportunities in Nepal, Maskey said.

Prior to conducting the AITUGO training, FuseMashin conducted AI Education, AI-Foundation, Micro-Degree and other programs for Nepal in strategic partnership with various educational institutions.

Learn more about the Aitugo Workshop click here Do it The company has also provided 30 percent discount for the initial participants.

What is AI Education?

Fuse Machine has also given high priority to the educational sector. Due to which, the company has brought AI education project in Nepal in collaboration with Foundation in AI and Micro Degree Company.

The company is working hard to bridge the gap between education and enterprise. FuseMasin unveiled the AI ​​education project at the AI ​​Expo two years ago. The company aims to provide quality AI education across the country.

Under this project, Fuse Machine is educating thousands of students about AI and various topics within AI. Fuse Machine is emphasizing on bridging the gap between academia and industry.


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