Why was there a delay in internal testing of 5G?

Further delay has been observed in the internal testing of 5G service started by Nepal Telecom. On the occasion of the 19th anniversary, Nepal Telecom spokesperson Sobhan Adhikari said that the test, which was started with the 5G devices kept at the Telecom offices in Babarmahal and Sundhara, was successful due to the limitations of mobile devices.


According to the spokesperson, although the availability of 5G ‘supporting’ mobile phones has been studied, it is currently being used only by telecom employees.

“The number of 5G-enabled devices with common people is very low, so currently only the employees of Techlicom are testing them,” he said. Even now the situation is the same.’

He said that during the internal testing by Telecom under the 2600 MHz band, it was found that the 5G service does not work in the most sold mobile sets in the Nepali market.

He said, ‘There was a problem of not testing 5G even in the well-known sets that came to the Nepali market. When we talked to the sellers of the mobile company, they replied that it will work only after becoming a commercial diplomat.’

Based on the results of the trial period, there will be a delay in providing services to the general public by expanding 5G to other areas as well, according to Nepal Telecom’s spokesperson.

The latest telecommunication technology, which is increasingly used around the world, was also eagerly awaited in Nepal for the 5G test. As the mobile sets required for the test did not appear effectively in the market, the spokesperson concluded that the plan for the 5G test, which will be conducted by the telecom in four different locations in the country in the first phase, has not been completed.

The telecom, which has the facility to test 5G free of charge for one year, will then have to return the frequency to the authority.

On the other hand, the regulator Nepal Telecommunication Authority has provided the required frequency of 2600 MHz to Telecom with the condition that it should be provided free of charge for one year, but the internal report has to be submitted in 3/3 months.

Earlier, the Telecommunication Authority had prepared procedure 2078 for testing 5G, in which it was stated that all service providers can apply for testing new technologies including 5G. But so far, only Nepal Telecom has received permission to test, according to the Telecommunication Authority.

A telecommunication employee says, ‘Until now, only Nepal Telecom has been allowed to conduct internal testing of 5G. A proposal has been submitted to the media ministry regarding the application given by Ncell, but it is not being discussed.

5G is especially useful for device-to-device communication. Through the use of 5G, you can use the internet with a maximum speed of 10 GB per second. Since 5G is considered a barrier-free technology, it is used in work such as IoT, MTU communication.

Driverless cars, smart cities, drone technology and big data have become possible through the use of 5G. So far, about 70 countries in the world have started using 5G. Neighboring country India has also opened 5G for the general public three months ago.

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