Worldlink festTVty Offer: Plans, Pricing, Availability

WorldLink FestVty Offer 2079

The festive season is just right around the corner, and to celebrate it, WorldLink has announced the new fesTVty offer. WorldLink has announced three new internet packages and special TV-bundled NEETV plans. So, let’s get into the detail regarding bandwidth, pricing, and availability of the WorldLink festTVty Offer.

WorldLink festTVty Offer Overview:

Fast Offer

As mentioned earlier, there are three new internet plans under WorldLink’s latest promotional campaign for new customers to choose from. The first one is the “Fast Offer” which again has three bandwidth options, namely 200Mbps, 250Mbps, and 300Mbps. Customers will have to pay for the ONU deposit separately.

Fast Offer Plan Internet Price (12 months)ONU Deposit Total Price
200 MbpsRs. 12,600Rs. 500Rs. 13,100
250 MbpsRs. 13,800Rs. 14,300
300 MbpsRs. 15,600Rs. 16,100

Note: These prices are exclusive of 13% VAT.

2 Router Offer

The second internet plan under the WorldLink festTVty offer is named the 2 Router Offer. It is because WorldLink will be providing a Nokia Beacon 1.1 mesh router in addition to the default dual-band router on every subscription.

The bandwidth options are the same as the Fast Offer and so is the pricing. However, you will have to pay Rs. 1,500 more as a Beacon 1.1 deposit. This makes it a bit more expensive but since you won’t have to pay rental for the mesh router it might be a viable option if you are a power user that really needs that extra coverage.

2 Router Offer Plan Internet Price (12 months)ONU Deposit Beacon 1.1 Deposit Total Price
200 MbpsRs. 12,600Rs. 500Rs. 1,500Rs. 14,600
250 MbpsRs. 13,800Rs. 15,800
300 MbpsRs. 15,600Rs. 17,600

Note: These prices are exclusive of 13% VAT.

In addition, WorldLink even offers smart installation which costs Rs. 3,000 for one and Rs. 5,000 for two Beacon 5,000. But it is optional and the basic installation for WorldLink festTVty offer is completely free. Still, you have to pay Rs. 50 per meter of CAT6e cable during the installation.

One Time Charge
CAT6e cableRs. 50 per meter
Basic Beacon 1.1 InstallationFree
Smart Beacon 1.1 InstallationRs. 3,000 for one
Rs. 5,000 for two

Smart Offer

The two offers so far have been internet-only packages. If you want a plan with NETTV bundled, you will have to get the “Smart Offer.” It is the most expensive plan of the three WorldLink festTVty plans as it brings 200-350Mbps bandwidth, a dual-band router + a mesh router, and a NETTV setup box.

Smart Offer Plan Internet Price NETTV Subscription ONU Deposit Beacon 1.1 Deposit Primary Set-Top Box Deposit Total Price
200 MbpsRs. 12,600Rs. 1,800Rs. 500Rs. 1,500Rs. 500Rs. 16,900
250 MbpsRs. 13,800Rs. 1,200Rs. 17,500
300 MbpsRs. 15,600Rs. 19,300

Note: These prices are exclusive of 13% VAT.

Extra Features

All of WorldLink festTVty offer plans come with additional features like Wi-Fi Express and 2runtai. The former gives users free access to over 14,000 hotspots across Nepal. The latter guarantees users service restoration in under 2 hours or 2 days of free internet in exchange.

NEETTV fesTVty Offer

NETTV fesTVty Offer includes three new TV plans bundled with actual TV. Here, you can choose between a 32” Yasuda YS-32NWN and a 43” Yasuda 43NWS TV for Rs. 14,499 and Rs. 29,999, respectively, with set-top box deposits paid separately. The first one is a normal LED TV whereas the other has smart TV capability.

NETTV fesTVty Offer Price Set-top Box (STB) Deposit
32” Yasuda YS-32NWN LED TV + 1-year NETTVRs. 14,999Rs. 500
43” Yasuda YS-43NWS Smart TV + 1-year NETTVRs. 29,299

Note: These prices are exclusive of 13% VAT.

One Time Charge
2-pair cableRs. 17 per m (Above 15 m)

Worldlink festTVty Offer: Duration and Eligibility

The above-mentioned prices are for yearly subscriptions to WorldLink fesTVty offers. However, you can even sign up for 3 and 6months plans. However, you will have to pay for the set-top box and beacon router that you get for free for yearly plans. WorldLink festTVty offer is open for new as well as existing customers.

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