Xiaomi launches Xiaomi MI Webcam: Price in Nepal?

Xiaomi launches Xiaomi MI Webcam: Price in Nepal?

Xiaomi has released a new living room device that extends the capabilities of an Android smart TV. Other formats, such as streaming boxes, as well as laptops and desktops running Windows 7 or higher, are compatible with the attachment.

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The new Xiaomi Mi Webcam has a 2MP lens that records FullHD video at 25 frames per second. The camera has a field of vision of 71 degrees. The camera employs sophisticated algorithms to decrease noise in photos, especially in low-light situations, to improve picture quality. In order to capture audio with greater clarity, the camera is equipped with two far-field microphones. According to the manufacturer, the mic can capture clear sounds from a distance of up to 4 meters. The Mi Webcam has a real shutter button for added privacy. In addition, the webcam has an indicator light that indicates whether the camera is on or off.

The new Xiaomi MI Webcam is made entirely of metal. An adjustable magnetic base allows the webcam to be attached to the TV frame. Xiaomi claims that the device is simple to set up and can simply be plugged in and used. The user only needs to connect the gadget to the USB port on the smart TV. By downloading the Google Duo video-calling app from the Play Store, the webcam can be utilized with Google Duo.

The Xiaomi Mi Webcam will be sold exclusively through Xiaomi’s official retailers. In Nepal, the new Xiaomi Mi TV Webcam costs roughly around Rs. 2968.


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