About Katuwa Chaupari

KatuwaChaupari, a beautiful village of Parbat district is located at the Dhaulagiri Zone (Western Nepal) of Nepalese map. Katuwa Chaupari of Gyandi Chaur is rich in natural beauty surrounded by beautiful green hills and snow-covered mountains. Talking about the exact location of Katuwachaupari; it lies inside the valley of Gyandi where Kusma – Gyandi/ Kushma – Katuwa Chaupari bridge (the highest suspension bridge of Nepal) lies.

Katuwa Chaupari is famous for natural sightseeing/viewing. While visiting Katuwa Chaupari you would wait no time for taking photographs. The landscapes are great for your eyes and you might also feel as you are in the lap of mother nature.
In the East of Katuwa Chaupari, you can see Karkineta (of Parbat) at the hills. Phalebas (Falewash) and Balewa Hill lie in the western side. One can enjoy viewing or taking pictures of the sunset in the hill of Balewa from pasture lands of Katuwachaupari. The mountainous ranges at the Northen side add extra beauty making Katuwachaupari more beautiful that touches everyone’s heart. You can have views of the snow-covered highest mountains of Nepal like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna I & II, Mt. Machhapuchhre and others.

This is just a short piece of information about a beautiful place in Parbat District of Western Nepal.

(Exact Official Location: Katuwa Chaupari, Gyandi, Parbat, Dhaulagiri, Nepal). My main aim for writing this piece of article is to promote Katuwachaupari of Gyandi, Parbat.

More information about Katuwachaupari, Gyandi & Gyandi Chaur, Rugdi, Nuwara, Shankhar Pokhari, Pipaltari, Bitalab, and others will be soon available on new website launching soon.

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