Salman Khan’s Nepal Visit

Salman Khan, one of the Bollywood superstar who has a large fan following in Nepal is also visiting Nepal.

It has been said that Khan will be visiting Chandragiri Hill in his trip to Nepal.

When will Salman Khan visit Nepal?

Well, there are many fans who have eyes on his every activity and asking me when he will be visiting Nepal. Salman Khan is visiting Nepal on March 10, 2018. It has been said he will be in the promotion of event named ‘Dabangg’.


When will Salman Khan visit Nepal?

According to Khan’s tour management team, “Salman Khan has scheduled the date March 10 of 2018 to visit Nepal during the Dabangg event”.

Jardi Patel and Adil Jagmiya who are the representative of ‘Joy Event’ already visited Chandragiri Hills. Also, Simant Gurung, the chief of ODC Entertainment was there.

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