After the introduction of electronic vaccination card with QR code, the service recipients will suffer even more

After the introduction of electronic vaccination card with QR code, the service recipients will suffer even more

After the introduction of Corona electronic vaccination card with QR code for the citizens who want to go abroad, the service recipients have been forced to suffer more.

The service seekers have started agitating saying that it is not their turn to wait in line for vaccination for hours. The government had started issuing Corona electronic vaccination card with QR code from last Wednesday, but the service recipients have to suffer more from this.

Workers going for foreign employment have complained that the QR code has not been issued even after waiting for five days. Even when crying, the responsible bodies of the government are unaware.

Some have lost their tickets when the code was not issued while going abroad. The government has provided vaccination card with QR code to those going abroad for employment, study and travel.

Most of those who return home with a return ticket have lost their ticket due to non-issuance of the code. Among them is Vijay Shah of Sarlahi. According to the government, it has been three days since the firm started going to the National Ayurveda Research and Training Center in Kirtipur for the QR code online.

After a four-year stay in Saudi Arabia, he returned home from Chait, where he was stopped by a second wave of Corona international flights.

He said, “Shah, who was on leave from home preparing to go abroad, said with tears in his eyes, people were vaccinated, all the procedures were done for QR code, I have not been able to attend for three days. Shah is just a representative character.

Thousands of young people like him are forced to wait four or five days for the QR code. According to the Foreign Employment Businessmen’s Association, workers who go to sell labor have to suffer due to lack of coordination between the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security and the Ministry of Health and Population.

Krishna Prasad Dawadi, Director General of the Department of Foreign Employment under the Ministry of Labor, expressed surprise at the loss of tickets due to non-issuance of QR codes on time.

Jhalak Sharma Gautam, chief of the immunization division under the health department, claimed that the QR code was being issued and that no one with an emergency ticket was stopped because of the code.

“Those who have tickets today or tomorrow have been sent by their friends by night, even by issuing a QR code, but it is only an allegation that they came with fake tickets,” he added.

Passengers who reached the airport returned

According to the BBC, the passengers who arrived at the airport to go to the UAE on Monday had to return disappointed after being informed that there would be no flight at night.

Raj Kumar Chhetri, spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, said, It was supposed to be four hours ago, but the test had to be done inside the airport premises. That is why the flight was stopped on Monday.

He also said that a similar problem had arisen after Kuwait said that only the test report with QR code was valid. According to Sushil Vaidya, chief immigration officer at the airport, many passengers have to return to the airport mainly due to health issues.

According to him, allowing those who have been vaccinated and resettled in the prescribed amount means that hundreds of passengers have been affected after the UAE later sought a test at the airport.


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