Here’s how to make your office’s corporate network secure

Here’s how to make your office’s corporate network secure

With the development of technology, cyber security is also becoming more complex. The incidence of cyber attacks is increasing day by day all over the world.

Lately, there have been various incidents of cyber attacks targeting corporate offices. Hackers are hacking various organizations and making the data public, while some are even demanding ransom.

At such times, it is important to keep your office’s data safe and secure your office’s corporate network to minimize potential risks.

Today, we are informing you about the measures taken by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the regulatory body of Nepal’s telecommunications sector, to secure the corporate network of any office.

K. Create and implement an Information System (IS) Security Policy for your organization.

NS. Provide regular information technology and cyber security awareness trainings to our employees and users.

G. Let’s segment and segregate the corporate network of the office. Let’s separate the network with critical infrastructure and the network with publicly access. For example, banks and financial institutions need to keep their transaction network separate from the network used by the Internet.

NS. I created a guest network separate from my main network for the guest coming to the office.

. Let’s use a reliable and dependable Unified Threat Management (UTM) System / Firewall / Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) / Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to secure the corporate network of the office.

NS. Let’s change the default configuration of Network Devices (Firewall, Router Switches) and configure it properly.

Is. Let’s conduct third party assessment and regular Information Security Audit of the corporate network of the office.

NS. Use at least Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) encryption on your office wireless network.

NS. Keep Network Hardware (Router, Switches, Firewall) physically secure.

J. Let’s use reliable, dependable and quality tools for office corporate network.

NS. Let’s use MAC Address Binding when providing access to networks with critical infrastructure.

T. Let’s make arrangements for Access Control and Log Maintain in the corporate network of the office.

NS. Let’s use Antivirus in the end devices of the corporate network of the office.

d. Regularly update / upgrade the Firmware / Software of Network Devices (Firewall, Router Switches).


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