Amazon Web Services Academy launches at IOE in collaboration with Janes and UKAid Skills

Amazon Web Services Academy launches at IOE in collaboration with Janes and UKAid Skills

The launch of Amazon Web Services Academy has started at the Pulchowk Campus of Tribhuvan University’s Engineering Institute. It was started by Skill and Janes Solutions, UKAID’s Skills for Employment program.

Launched for the first time in Nepal, AWS Academy will provide thousands of students with opportunities for skill development and certification in emerging and rapidly growing employment positions in the cloud computing genres.

Since 2019, UKAID has been facilitating the establishment of transformative partnerships with the private and public sectors using market-based approaches.

It is working with Genius Solutions to increase employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in priority sectors.

The academy was started through a virtual medium with the participation of senior executives from the Engineering Foundation, UKAID Skills and Genius Solutions.

The program was attended by various educational institutions, industries, donor agencies, media leaders and professionals and job seekers.

Baljit Bhora, Team Leader, UK Aid, said: “Partnerships with organizations such as UKAID Skills Genesis help increase local capacity to integrate artificial intelligence, cloud computing, e-mobility solutions, increase productivity in various industries and create new employment opportunities.”

With the support of UKAID Skills, Janes Solutions has been leading a skill development initiative that aims to further expand the capacity of teachers and increase students’ employability. According to this initiative, AWS and other cloud-based solutions have been used by Nepali industries.

Anjani Phunyal, Chief Global Technology Officer, Genius Solutions, said:

The partnership between UKAID Skills and Genius has strengthened the capacity of 50 partner colleges across Nepal and developed skills that will continue to employ more than 2,100 students.

The epidemic of Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of Nepali and global industries moving their data and information to cloud-based solutions.

That means there is a growing need for human resources to embrace and respond to the changing employment market that demands cloud computing expertise, said Lokesh Mehra, South Asia leader at Amazon Web Services Academy.


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