An app with features like our calendar ‘My Horoscope’

An app with features like our calendar ‘My Horoscope’

A few months ago, the ‘My Horoscope’ mobile app was launched in the Nepali market Elite Info Tech The company has made it public in the Nepali market.

The app has today’s calendar, calendar, horoscope, weather, date change, exchange rate, podcast, astrology appointment, radio, blog, news, video and other features.

My horoscope service can be used from Android phone and website. My Horoscope app is currently downloaded more than 5,000 times from the Google Play Store.

Also, my horoscope app will be available on iOS in the next two weeks, said Elite Info Tech. According to the company, this app has been developed for the purpose of providing different services from one app.

The company has plans to add Lagangatho and other facilities to my horoscope in the coming days. The company has included various news portals for news in the app.

The podcast section of my horoscope app has audio produced by the company and I have two pennies. The company is also collaborating with others for podcasts.

Currently more than 15 radios can be listened to from the app. The company says that you can talk to an astrologer from my horoscope.

To download My Horoscope app on Android phone click here Do it As well as to access the website click here Do it


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