Artificial rain fell in Dubai, using cloud seeding technology

Artificial rain fell in Dubai, using cloud seeding technology

An artificial year has been observed in Dubai with very little rain. Due to prolonged drought, Dubai has been receiving artificial rainfall from time to time. Such water is also called torrential rain

Dubai has provided artificial rain using cloud seeding technology. Cloud seeding technology creates rain conditions by adding salt to the clouds. This is a very expensive technology.

The United Arab Emirates does not have a natural emergency. This process is adopted to get rid of the hot and dusty environment there.

The temperature in Dubai is 40 degrees Celsius in July and the rain is a wonderful sight. The video was released by the UAE’s National Meteorological Center. The UAE is also investigating drones flying in the clouds.

These drones fly through the clouds and charge the air molecule with electricity, causing rain to fall. The government is investing heavily in rainwater and developing various technologies.


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