Bagmati government prepares to start online vehicle service payment test from August

Bagmati government prepares to start online vehicle service payment test from August

Bagmati Pradesh has started website testing in preparation for making vehicle tax payment online from July.

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development Website Traffic Management Information System (TMIS) And citizen appIt has been stated that the test work has been started to make arrangements to pay vehicle tax from.

The ministry said in a statement on Monday that the details of the vehicles could be verified by going to the ‘Vehicle Tax’ of the Transport Management Information System’s web portal and ‘Citizen App’ to verify their mobile numbers.

The ministry has not been able to update the details of the vehicles based on the information on its website.

While updating the web portal of the ministry, it has been seen that some of the vehicles are not linked, some of them are yet to pay taxes and they have been informed to contact the transport office immediately.

This has happened as the state government has started the test work immediately Ministry of Physical Infrastructure DevelopmentInformation Officer Rajan Pokharel said.

“Some of the data has been uploaded and some is yet to be uploaded,” Pokhrel said. “We have been trying to test it for a month and implement it from July.”

He said that by issuing the information, the website is testing the reaction of the consumers when they update the details.

He said it still had weaknesses and was looking into it. “Currently, we have given user IDs only in transport offices,” he said, adding that data is being uploaded internally.

Pokharel said that there is a plan to make arrangements to pay vehicle tax online from July 1.

The state government plans to formally inaugurate the launch after the test and inform the public that it has gone live. He says it will take a few more days. “It depends on how fast the test is successful,” he said.

For the time being, only vehicle tax can be paid. The state government has a plan to make arrangements for filling up the form from home, including bill book and renewal of driving license, vehicle registration and name transfer. Pokharel said that they are going to take the number of the firm and go to the transport office on the basis of the same number and make arrangements for their work.

He says it would be a great achievement even if only tax arrangements could be made for the time being. The ‘vehicle tax’ option is yet to be updated in the citizen app along with the ministry’s website.

You have to reach the transport office once

Even if the vehicle tax is paid online, the taxpayer has to go to the transport office for once.

According to the online payment procedure, the tax amount can be paid online and you have to reach the transport office within a month to update and verify the bill book.

Once verified, you will not have to visit the transport office from the next fiscal year.

“In the case of the first financial year, you have to go to the transport office to update the documents, if there are any remaining issues and to do the verification work,” Pokhrel said. “Then you don’t have to do the verification again.”

He said that even though they are trying to make people not have to go to the transport office even once to pay for drinking water, they have to reach the transport office until all the related documents are digitized.


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