Can be read from Nima Academy app even without internet

Can be read from Nima Academy app even without internet

Now you can read from Nima Academy’s mobile app even without internet. Students will be able to download the contents of Nima Academy and use them offline.

Videos, quizzes, assignments, articles, games can be downloaded and kept in offline mode, said Neha Joshi, Chief Operating Officer of Nima Academy. Internet must be available to download. Then you can watch, read and listen to content without internet.

When downloading content, it does not take up the space of mobile and only takes the space of app. Nima Academy has courses from class 1 to 10 recognized by the Curriculum Development Center.

Nima Academy mobile app and WebsiteCan be used from But offline facility can be taken only from the app. Mobile of Nima Academy google play store And Apple App StoreIs available at

Nima Academy is also conducting quiz competition now. The company has also arranged attractive gifts for the quiz winners.

Joshi said that Nima Academy is also preparing to offer courses for classes 11, 12 and above. “We’re working on it now,” she told ICT News. “Maybe that program will be public next year.”

“At Nima Academy, we are bringing other courses besides the courses as per the syllabus,” she says.

If any school takes the facility of NIMA Academy, the teacher will be able to conduct live classes, take live tests and know the progress of the children. This will allow the teacher to give assignments.

The app also has a test facility. Free courses are also available at Nima Academy. This free facility can be availed by creating an account at NIMA Academy.


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