Can your mobile battery run out fast? Here are some ways to save for a long time

Can your mobile battery run out fast? Here are some ways to save for a long time

We all use smartphones. Now most of the work is done on mobile phones. But the phone’s battery may not last long.

When the battery of your mobile phone does not last for a long time, there are problems at work and you have to charge it again and again.

Today we are giving you information on how to make the battery of a smartphone last longer by targeting this problem.

Adjust screen brightness

Most users put the brightness on the phone in the ‘auto’ setting. Due to this feature, the phone manipulates the brightness according to the situation.

Although Auto Brightness is easy to use, it can consume a lot of battery. If the battery is to run for a long time, the brightness should be reduced.

The display consumes the most battery. You can also use the dark mode on the phone to save battery. The screen time out should be kept very short.

Turn off unwanted radio

Today’s phones have LTE, NFC, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, but none of them should be on for up to 24 hours. When you don’t have WiFi, the phone starts looking for another nearby WiFi.

Turning off when WiFi is not working can also save a lot of battery. If not connected to a Bluetooth device, it should always be turned off, and GPS should be turned on only during navigation.

Remove background app

Just pressing the home button or the back button does not close the app. By doing this, those apps will not run in the background and the battery will be saved.

Don’t use too many widgets and live wallpapers

Everyone enjoys using live wallpapers, but it also consumes a lot of battery and can cause mobile phones to hang. Widgets also make it easy to get weather and news, but it also drains the phone’s battery.

Find the battery saving feature on your phone

All phones have a battery saving feature. Samsung has a variety of battery saving features like Ultra Power Saving Mode, HTC Extreme Power Saving Mode, Sony Stamina Mode. This mode should be recognized and activated on your phone.

Turn off automatic app updates

You have turned on Auto App Update in Playstore. Suppose an app is updated but you do not need an update at that time.

But the app updates itself. This requires a battery during the update. So turn off auto update.

Turn off touch sound

The sound that comes when touching or typing on a mobile. Turn off that sound.

Because there is no need for that. That sound is not necessary. Turn off all those sounds.

Do not use duplicate chargers

Do not use duplicate chargers. Due to this, the battery does not charge properly and the life of the battery is also reduced.

Turn off voice assistant

Turn off Google’s Google Assistant and iPhone’s Siri. Which turns on the microphone on your phone. Due to this, the battery consumption is also high.

Turn off the Motion Activity feature

It has the feature that if you pick up the phone, the display of the phone will turn on automatically or the display will turn on automatically when you turn your hand on the display.

Different mobile apps are also used for this. Don’t use it. Because it constantly turns on the sensor. Which consumes more battery.


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