Digital Bagmati Samvad in association with PhonePe completed, discussion on state’s digital status

Digital Dialogue 4.0 has been organized in Hetouda, the capital of Bagmati province. Digital Bagmati Samvad in association with PhonePe was organized in Hetauda on Thursday under the auspices of ICT Foundation Nepal.


Bagmati Province Interior Affairs and Law Minister Ganga Narayan Shrestha was present as the chief guest in the program held on Thursday.

In a similar program, Dhurva Gowda, Secretary of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of Bagmati Province, Member Secretary of Province Planning Commission Ramkrishna Pudasaini, Assistant Director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority Nirajan Koirala, Communications Registrar of Bagmati Province Communications Registry Office Revati Prasad Sapkota, President of Internet Foundation Nepal Vikram Shrestha along with high government officials, Representatives of various organizations were present.

Minister Shrestha

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest Minister Shrestha said that development is not possible without the use of technology. “The Bagmati provincial government is clear that development is possible only through the use of technology,” he said.

In the digital dialogue, there was a wide discussion about the digital situation of the state between the state government, people’s representatives, stakeholders and representatives of government and non-government agencies. 3 working papers were presented in the dialogue.

Bikram Khatiwada, an IT and e-Governance expert of Bagmati Province, gave a presentation on the digital governance of Bagmati Province.

Similarly, Nirajan Koirala, Assistant Director of Rural Telecommunication Development Branch of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, presented a working paper on the digital infrastructure of Bagmati Province, while Bikram Shrestha, President of Internet Foundation Nepal, presented a working paper on the Digital Capability Landscape of Bagmati Province.

A panel session was also held on the topic of Digital Capacity of Bagmati Province. Member Secretary of Bagmati Province Planning Commission Ramakrishna Pudasaini, Bagmati Province Communication Registrar Revati Prasad Sapkota, Surendra Yonjan of Neri Solutions and Shiv Kaman Shrestha of CAN Federation Makwanpur participated as speakers in the session.

Earlier, digital dialogue has been organized in Koshi and Madhes provinces. After Bagmati Province, Digital Dialogue is being organized in Sudurpaschim, Karnali, Lumbini and Gandaki Provinces.

After digital dialogue is held in all seven provinces, a book based on research covering the digital situation of the entire province will be published, ‘Digital Province Scenario 2’.

The organizers will organize ‘Digital Nepal Conclave 2023’ as a grand program on June 8 and 9 in Kathmandu. The conclave program started last year with digital dialogue.

You can participate in the digital dialogue for free. For that, you can go to and register.

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