Dishhome is broadcasting Euro Cup, commentary can also be heard in Nepali language

Dishhome is broadcasting Euro Cup, commentary can also be heard in Nepali language

Nepal’s DTH service provider DishHome will broadcast the Euro Cup live. The live broadcast of the Euro Cup can be watched from Dishhome’s Exxon Sports Channel.

Ramesh Sapkota, general manager of Dishhome, told ICT News that the Euro Cup will be telecast live on Dishhome’s Exxon Sports channel starting today.

“Dishhome has already signed an agreement with Sony for live broadcasts 12-15 days ago,” he told ICT News. “We take content from there and broadcast live.”

“The live broadcast of the Euro Cup from Dishhome can be heard in both Nepali and English,” says Sapkota. “We have in-built English commentary.” But customers can also watch commentary in Nepali language remotely.

Dishhome customers can watch the commentary in Nepali by clicking on the yellow audio button on the remote. If it is coming in English, Nepali comes after pressing the audio button and if it is coming in Nepali, it comes in English.

Dishhome’s Exxon Sports Channel is also available on other cable operators. If there is a facility to change the audio remotely, the language can be changed, ‘he said.

Dishhome’s Exxon Sports HD Channel Clear TV (Channel No. 543), Seam TV (Channel No. 105/991), My TV (Channel No. 900), Net TV (Channel No. 529), DON TV (Channel No. 4200) and Prabhu TV ( You can also watch from channel number 716).

In addition, Dishhome’s channel number 105 will be available in SD and 991 in HD quality action sports channel.
The Euro Cup was scheduled to take place in 2020. But it is set to begin in 2021 after being postponed due to the Corona epidemic.

Euro Cup 2020 is taking place from June 11 to July 11. Turkey and Italy are competing in the opening game of the Euro Cup. The game will start tonight at 12:45 pm Nepali time.

A total of 24 teams are competing in the Euro Cup. Nine teams are former winners.


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