Do you use an Android phone? These are the features you need to know

Do you use an Android phone? These are the features you need to know

Millions of mobile devices around the world use the Android operating system. Many people like mobiles using the Android operating system.

Do you use Android mobile? Here are some features you need to know if you do. Here are some features of the Android operating system that you need to know today:

screen pin

The system in which certain apps lock themselves when the phone is locked is called screen pinning. This system can be used in certain situations if privacy is required.

Screen panning cannot be enabled by default, this will require a code to enable and unpin the feature by going to the phone settings security menu

Activate guest mode

If you need to share your device, you can enable Android Native Guest Account. But it saves your account, files, messages.

To create a guest account, select Device Settings and you can easily create a guest account. In which you can create separate new profiles for your family and friends.

multi window support

Multi-window support is available on Android 7. So that two apps can be run at the same time. To use multi-window support, press the square soft key in the app for a few moments.

After doing so, you have to select one app to use and the other app will be the recently used app. It can be used as one app on the half screen and another app on the other half screen.

How to back up photos and videos

Google has announced that you can back up unlimited photos for free. You need the Google Photos app on your Android device to back up photos and videos for free.

Then go to app settings and enable backup and sync. Google Photos is also available on the desktop operating system.

Manage unwanted notifications

This is a very easy way to go to mobile settings and manage your notifications and manage notifications one by one.

To manage unnecessary notifications, first open Settings, find and tap the Notifications panel.

To Disable Application Notifications Disable notified apps. You can also disable the notifications you need.

Install the app through other means

Generally, only Google Play Store is used to download apps on Android. You can also download the app safely from another app store.

The app store name is Amazon App Store. Now any apps that need to be paid for can be downloaded for free on the Amazon App Store.

Install the app from the computer

To use this feature, you must be logged in to the same computer and Play Store. You can then open the Play Store in a browser and install and manage the app from your computer.

Remove recently used apps

Android manages automatic memory usage. So the background of the phone does not slow down when opening the app. But you can reload it fast.

In fact, Google has confirmed that turning off the background app does not affect the battery charge. You can remove them one by one or all at once.

Manage default app

To manage the default app, go to Settings, select the app setting and select the All app option at the top of the screen.

Choose an app that uses Android by default. Then you have to reset the default settings, go to app settings, select clear default and select new default app.


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