During the epidemic, Huawei was working closely with customers from different countries, including Nepal

Leading information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and service provider Huawei is hosting a virtual tour of Darwin Hall on Saturday. In which Huawei demonstrated the recent development in the global ICT sector and Huawei’s contribution to it.

The visit was attended by journalists from Bangladesh and Nepal, as well as senior Huawei officials. At the beginning of the event, the guests were welcomed by Jay Chen, Vice President, Huawei Asia Pacific.

Technological advances created by digitization such as FiveG TOB, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Police, Smart Port, Smart City and OTEN Ultra-Fast Financial Private Lane Tour were showcased.

In that session, the Vice President said, ‘2020 was a difficult year for everyone. But technology has played a serious role in fighting epidemics and accelerating economic recovery. Facing these challenges, Huawei is working more closely with our customers and partners than ever before. Countries like Bangladesh and Nepal are showing remarkable progress to sustain this momentum.

He said that Nepal, a country undergoing rapid digital transformation, is at the forefront of the telecom sector in the 3G era in the South Asian region. According to Chen, once Nepal starts entering the FiveG Club, it will give more confidence to Nepal’s entire telecom industry.

Research, study and preparation on standard regulation, frequency identification, roll out plan, etc. will be required for the commercial launch of FiveG network by the Government of Nepal.

“We believe that Nepal can still continue to roll out the Forge network nationwide in the course of the study and trial preparation of FiveG,” said J. Chen. “There are still many people in rural areas who have not benefited from Forge.”

He said that in order to roll out in the beginning, it was necessary to focus on fake for rural areas and more people should be allowed to benefit from digital services.

‘Huawei has gone beyond its limits to take this real responsibility and to provide countries with state-of-the-art technical assistance, continuous and uninterrupted transformation, and development driven by technology from one level to another,’ Chen said.

Charles Darwin surveyed the biodiversity of forests around the world in 1831. Remembering Darwin, Huawei explores the latest developments in the ICT industry.


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