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12 years ago when he was studying in school in Birganj, Deepak Sah’s school had neither an attendance system nor any way of keeping accounts in the school computer. His attendance at school was always on the register. He used to be surprised to see his father working as a computer operator when he came home from school. He used to think, ‘What would it be like if he could attend school using a computer like his father?’


Needless to say, he spent 3 years in Birganj after SLC and pursued Diploma in Software Engineering. Then I started thinking that all the school work can be done online in school. After learning the computer software course, he initially prepared an online system for the school and showed it to the school. The software he prepared made the school somewhat easier. Then he decided to create more new software together with his friend Sachin Saha. Deepak then opened an office which he named Dynamic Technosoft.

Deepak says, ‘In the beginning, we made management software in the school. That was our first product. After that, everyone started saying that the school should make it.’

Through this dynamic technosoft, he first started taking work from a friend. Then began their career in the world of software revolution. Deepak got the responsibility of making the software of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Birgunj and his company gained more height. Gradually, public relations started to increase as the websites of schools and various organizations were made. The name of his software company in Birganj started to spread and encouraged him to expand more branches to make new developments and revolutions in software.

He says, ‘I could no longer limit the dynamic company to Virganj and decided to open a branch in Kathmandu as its corporate office should also be established in the federal capital of the country.’

While expanding the branch in Kathmandu, he had to face a lot of challenges to get a job in the beginning. The main thing is that it was difficult for anyone to believe that he was of Terai origin. He says, ‘When I went to ask for a job, at first they did not believe that I was of Tarai origin. There was also a tendency to wonder if it would work. But I managed myself and kept going.’ It is said ‘You are a leopard, I will deliver.’ Deepak continued to do the same and gradually lit the lamp of revolution in the field of software from Kathmandu through Dynamic Technosoft.

ERP software from schools to corporate houses

Sachin and his team gradually won hearts through work in corporate houses and schools in Kathmandu. Their way of thinking and working style became the attraction of big corporate houses of Kathmandu. For that reason, various agencies of the Nepal government, Dugad Group, Dawar Nepal, Godavari Group, Hulas Steel, Asian Thai Foods, and nearly 20 large corporator industries are using Dynamic’s accounting ERP software.

“Dugad Group runs our software internally, while Tata Hitachi, Mahindra, Bhaswa, etc. use our software all over the country,” he says.

Similarly, thinking that schools across the country should be digitized, they have invested a lot of time and investment in the school’s academic software. Dynamic Academic ERP and its mobile app are now being used by more than 1,500 government and private schools across the country, including academic management, examination management, account system, inventory, biometric integration, emailerSMS integration, barcode and QRcode and app CMS system.

They claim that this software made by them with all the features and usage in the latest modern times is better than other software in the market. He says, ‘Government and private schools across the country are using academic ERP software made by us.’

Branch expansion from country to abroad

Although Dynami Technosoft started from Mofusal, it is expanding its branches from the country to abroad. The main office is in Birgunj and the corporate office is in Kathmandu.

Similarly, the company has opened regional offices in Itahari, Butwal and Pokhara and provided necessary software to schools, colleges and corporate houses, helping them in their work easily, simply and reliably.

Similarly, the company is working dynamically with Aptech in New Delhi, India. Deepak, the founder of the company, says that there is a plan to gradually expand the branch in Japan as well.

Even abroad, more than 50 people have got sick in Dynamic Software Company, while about 2 thousand people have got sick in Dynamic Group.

During the 12-year struggle, hundreds of organizations and schools and colleges are regular customers of Dynamic. It is not just about making and selling software, but they have moved forward with the idea that support and upgrades are needed continuously, and they are considered excellent in their service. It has been said in their lives that success will come if they work hard and be honest. In the early days, it was difficult to even understand that software is a market, now it is a matter of necessity.

New software for associations and federations

In the same way, the company has recently made an organization system manager targeting Sanghar Mahasangha and organizations in the new year. Deepak Sah, the founder of the company, says that the company’s founder, Deepak Sah, has made the software targeting only the chamber, but now it has been expanded to include branches and sub-branches in one place.

He says, ‘The company first made software targeting the chamber. But by expanding the same software, we have made the software so that everything from the central office of the union or federation to the regional wards can be put in one place. It allows the data to be integrated. He claims that this software will be important for associations and federations such as Pabson, Engineer Association, CAN Federation, Federation of Commerce and Industry.

He says that now any association, organization can get information about a district, state organization or branch through this software.

The company has also been doing software development, mobile app development, web application development, bulk SMS service and domain registration and web hosting.

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