E-Farm is delivering fruits, vegetables and meat at home even under the ban

E-Farm, which has been connecting the farmers of the village with the consumers of the city, has been delivering fruits, vegetables and meat to the Kathmandu Valley from door to door even in the difficult situation of Covid-19.

Parmeshwar Shrestha, the founder of e-farm, said that they are delivering fresh vegetables, fruits, local chicken meat and divided meat produced at the farm in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur.

“Cavid has increased the risk of overcrowding in shops that are now open for a limited period of time,” Shrestha added.

E-Farm has been providing services to the people of the capital through online delivery by purchasing the products of farmers from different rural areas of the country in the context of increasing imports from abroad and Nepali agricultural produce not finding a good market. But Shrestha says that despite the demand due to the ban, the products of the remote villages could not be brought to the capital.

Necessary materials can be ordered through E-Farm’s website ( E-Farm has stated that home delivery will be done within one day after ordering. E-services, wallets and bank cards can be used to pay bills.

Shrestha said that they have been able to pay the bill from their PayPal account so that they can go shopping for their relatives as they are abroad.

Arjun Puri, another founder of e-Farm, says that the government should support e-commerce companies by setting standards when the economy is weakening due to Covid.

For years, farmers have not been able to get a fair price for their produce and consumers have had to buy at exorbitant prices, and e-Farm has been helping to discourage intermediaries between farmers and consumers, Shrestha said.

Shrestha said that the e-farm has been managing the market for every product associated with the farmers. Farmers who want to sell their produce through e-farm can contact 9801855505.


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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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