Gapu launches GCash, an opportunity for consumers to shop for free by earning GCash

Gapu launches GCash, an opportunity for consumers to shop for free by earning GCash

Nepali online shopping site Gapu has recently made public the use of G-Cash for free shopping from August 1.

Gyanendra Khadka, founder and CEO of Gapu Marketplace, said that under Gapu Mobile’s app ‘Referrer and Earn’ offer, customers can collect unlimited G-Cash and purchase the same items for free.

To earn G-Cash, customers need to refer Gapu app to their friends. Khadka said that the customers who have accepted the referral can also get a discount on their first purchase and various rewards by referring the link of Gapu app to others.

Any customer who is registered in Gapu app will be able to participate in this offer. For that, after downloading the Gapu app and registering your name, it can be verified.

Once your account has been verified by email or mobile number, customers will be able to earn G-Cash by referring Gapu app to their friends.

G-Cash Gapu is a cash reward offer for its customers that can only be used when purchasing goods from Gapu.

After downloading the Gapu app, the customer can deposit Rs. You will be able to get GCash of Rs 50 and after verifying your mobile you will also get an additional Rs 50. Every customer will be able to get a bonus of Rs 100 when they download the Gapu mobile app.

Similarly, the customer will get additional Rs. 50 each time on each referral. The more referrals, the more cash you will receive. Gapu Referral Link can be shared through social media including WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber.

There will be a balance of Rs. 100 in G-Cash of the Gapu account downloaded through the referrer and an additional Rs.

The referring friend will be validated only after downloading the Gapu app and verifying their mobile and email account.

On the occasion of its app being downloaded a million times, it launched the ‘Refer and Earn’ offer for its customers.

Similarly, Gapu, which has been delivering free door-to-door services during the ban, has already announced to give a new car as a gift to one of the mobile app downloaders within 2078 BS.


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