How to hide and password protect Google Photos?

How to hide and password protect Google Photos?

Google Photos is used by many users to store photos and videos. Most of the photos taken from smartphones are stored in Google Photos. That’s why Google has brought a new feature to give more security to media content.

Google has introduced a feature called Locked Folder on the Pixel smartphone that allows you to store photos that no one else can see. It typically stores private content. The photos stored in it are protected by your phone’s lock screen passcode. The photos in it do not appear in the grid of other photos. The company says it will make the feature available to all Android phones by the end of this year.

The following procedure can be used to hide private photos. First you need to open the Google Photos app. Then click on the Library icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then click on the Utilities option and click on Locked Folder. To set up a locked folder, you must first unlock it by entering your device’s passcode. After that, you can put your personal photos in a folder.

How to move photos to a locked folder?

You have to open the photo by clicking on the photo to be taken in the locked folder. Then click on the three dotted icon in the upper right. After that, by selecting the option called Mo to Locked Folder, photos can be brought to the locked folder.


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