How to recover a deleted file?

It is very annoying if you accidentally delete a file or if any part of the file is deleted.

In most cases, the file is sitting in the ‘Recycle Bin’. That’s why you should first look in the recycle bin.

Double click on the Recycle Bin to find out what’s inside. The file can then be reused, usually by dragging it to the desktop.

How to recover deleted files using file history?

If the backup is not turned on, the file can be recovered using File History Backup. If not, you can use the procedure below.

If you have Windows 10 running on your PC, you need to select the Start button and click on Settings and then click on Update and Security.

Then click on the backup option and there comes an option called Add a Drive and click on it. After doing so, you need to choose an external driver or network location for backup.

What to do now to restore important files or folders?

1. First, go to the search box of the taskbar and type restore files. Then click on the ‘Restore your files with file history’ option.

After doing so, search for the file you want and there is an arrow that allows you to view all versions of that file. Once you get your favorite version, you can save it by clicking on the registrar.

If you need to save in a separate place, press the Restore option for a while and then there is an option called Restore Two and a new location can be chosen.

What to do if there is no backup?

If you have no backup and your file is not in Trays, you can use various file recovery programs. For example, there are recovery programs such as Piriform Recova or Stellar Data Recovery.

Disc drills, previously available for Mac but now available for Windows, are also a good option. It helps a lot in times like lost files, hard drive reformatting, not being able to boot up, bending and deleting.

When looking for another option, you should also look at the possibility that the file was emailed to someone. It’s also a good idea to have a copy of the file saved in Dropbox, iCloud or SkyDrive. But backing up is the most important step.


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