How to take a screenshot on a Dell laptop?

On mobile, we can easily take screenshots of what we think is important or what we like, but it is difficult to do the same thing on a laptop. So if you use a Dell laptop, today we will discuss how to take a screenshot on a Dell laptop.

Using the print screen

The print screen button is next to the function key of the Dell laptop model. Dell calls it print screen or PRNTSCR. 1. First you have to go to the screen to take a screenshot.

2. Once there, look for the print screen button. Some Dell laptops may not have this button, in which case the FN and Insert keys have to be pressed together.

3. To pull the pre-screen, press the PRNTSCR key and only the ALT and PRNTSCR key to pull the active window.

4. After doing so, the screenshot is copied to the Windows clipboard PNG file. Go to another document, social network, email or image editor and press Control and Visa.

After taking a screenshot, Windows creates a separate folder of screenshots in the Pictures folder that you can use whenever you need.


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